How Product Photography Increases Your Sales?

How Product Photography Increases Your Sales?

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If even after all your efforts for your ecommerce website, you are not getting enough conversions, you need to take a closer look at your product photography. You have put all your resources to write catchy product titles, features and descriptions, you have spent considerable amount of money and time in Amazon marketing services and yet you are not seeing a spike in your revenues and sales. You need to remember that product photography is one of the most crucial aspects of the ecommerce business.

You can hire a professional product photographer or you can buy or rent a good DSLR camera and do product photography by yourself. In any case, you need to ensure that you have high-quality, high-resolution product images with decent background.

Why product photography is important? 

If you have a question that why product photography is important for your e-commerce business, here are the reasons.

  • When a potential shopper comes to your product page, the first thing he will notice is your product images. If he is not satisfied with the product images, he will not bother to read about your product’s features and descriptions.
  • A good quality product images help users to take a right decision about the purchase, most of the times, in the favour of the purchase.
  • Good product photography also favours you I’m returns as customers will get what he has seen and he is more likely to keep the product rather than returning it.
  • Even bloggers and social media influencers will share your product photos on their pages if they are impressed with your product images.
  • High-quality, impressive and magnificent product photography will increase your revenues and profits and take your sales to the next level.
  • On the other hand, if your product images are not up to the mark, users might not think to get associated with your brand, not now and not in the future as well.

Some product photography recommendations to take into consideration 

Shoot against a white backdrop 

It is the standard guideline to make the image look more professional and attractive. If you see the product photos on major ecommerce websites such as Amazon or eBay, you will notice that all the photos are taken while keeping the backdrop white. It gives an elegant look to the photos and users simply love it.  The best white backdrop is a sweep where the vertical surface transitions down to the horizontal surface. You can use any object that is plain white such as sheets, white table, wrapping paper or anything.

Use natural light 

Most of the amazing product photos are taken in natural sunlight and it takes the beauty of the photo to the next level. However, you have also an option to use room lights, but natural sunlight is altogether different thing and will beautify the photo excellently. In addition to that, natural lighting is easy to use, affordable and fiddler than artificial lighting. You can also use natural lighting indirectly by setting up the product photography near the window.

Use filter or reflector 

Most of the product photographers know the importance of filters and reflectors. Mostly, the source of light will be from one side and to even this out, you need to use a reflector. Using a filter or reflector smartly can add to the beauty of the photos. Also, you might find your products looking more exposed. In such cases, you can diffuse the light by using white paper or sheet to cover the window.

Take photos from different angles 

A clear visualization of a product is a must thing to lure customers. You can achieve it by offering product photos from different angles. It will not just help the customer to see the product and its features more precisely, but also offer customers good shopping experience.

Provide close ups 

If there are any special features of the product that you want customers to notice, it would be great if you provide a close-up or two. It will also give customers where to look into the product.

Crop your images in the right manner 

Cropping up your product photos is also another crucial thing. Mostly, product photography professionals do this job, but if you have to do it, you need to ensure that your product is centered correctly and should occupy at least 80-90% of the canvas.

Hiring the right and professional product photographer

Search for professional product photography service providers, individuals or companies and choose the best one. Ask for reference among your friends and peers and you might get a good one. Ask for a portfolio of work to the potential product photographer and see whether he is a pro at product photography or not. Choosing the right product photographer is a crucial thing to take your product photography to the next level.


There are some unparalleled advantages of commercial product photography and you will surely reap those benefits if you have spent considerable time in it. Apart from increasing sales and revenues, it will also boost your brand credibility and authority on the ecommerce platform.

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