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A list of practical tips for commercial product photography


Commercial photography is all about taking photos that can be used for commercial use. These commercial photos are used for websites, spaces, advertisements and product placement and items for sale. Random unprofessional images don’t make that impact on consumers as professional commercial photography does. When you are a professional in commercial product photography domain, you can get a wide range of photography assignments as most of the e-commerce websites and other businesses are always in the need of quality commercial and lifestyle photography services.

In addition to that, commercial product photography might be categorized in various domains such as lifestyle photography, food photography, commercial architectural photography, headshots, environmental portraits, fashion photography and others. You need to choose one of the domain to be the master at it.

Commercial product photography offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities in the era of digitalization and online shopping. Let’s discuss some tips that can help you to sharpen your skills as a commercial product photographer.

Make a sound portfolio 

When customers hire you, they will ask for some work that you have done in the past. However, as you are in the initial stage of your career, you might not have testimonials from the clients. In that case, a strong and intact portfolio might help you to grab some professional assignments. Shoot for some local clients for free as an intern and explore different possibilities. Having a good portfolio will give you an upstart in the initial days.

Buy a decent latest camera and other accessories 

Though many camera renting companies are offering professional cameras on rent, it is recommended that you buy a professional camera with the required accessories to become independent. Some professional cameras can cost you a lot when you rent them multiple times. It is the best thing to buy a professional camera to start on your own. Also, you will find it comfortable while using your camera than working on different cameras at each time you get an assignment. There are many good cameras available in the market. Read the reviews and features and choose one that falls in your budget and preferences.

Start networking 

You need to be socially connected with other relevant people and organisations to get more visibility and assignments. The best way is to use free social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook where users can see your work too. A Facebook page can work like wonders for you as it can be used as a professional page. You can go for some paid advertising campaigns on these social media platforms too. Also, join online communities and forums dedicated to commercial or lifestyle photography and participate in discussions.

Make a website

A professional website can help you get more assignments. There are multiple purposes a website can serve. Hire a good website developer and build a visually appealing, feature-rich and magnificent website with easy navigation. A website is your online shop that never shuts down. A website represents professionalism and enthusiasm and will surely give you good visibility in the digital presence.

Be clear about what clients need from you 

When you get an assignment, you need to discuss the requirements with the client to eliminate any possibilities of confusion and issues. From several photos to budget to lighting options to the deadline to specific shots they might want to include, discuss everything in detail and note down all the things in a diary to keep no room for any confusions. Even your client will appreciate it.

Make a sensitive yet all-inclusive quote 

There are many professional commercial product photography editing service providers offer lower quotes to the clients to get the assignment. This is not something you should practice. Calculate all the costs that might incur in the assignment and quote logically. If needed, explain the client your point of view to convince him. A professional never works in loss and it will affect your output too. Never commit such a mistake. From shooting locations to props to permits, include everything in the quote.

Discuss photo use and usage rights

When it comes to commercial product photography, the uses are different compared to family portraits and you need to discuss the photo use and usage rights in the first meeting itself. The commercial photos are used for commercial use to increase the revenues and you can put a different price for such photography assignment. Also, when you are clear about photo use, it might help you to do the assignment differently. For example, Amazon product photography will require a new set of guidelines and regulations that you need to adhere to. Be clear about the photo use and usage rights to work accordingly.


There is a wide pool of possibilities and opportunities lying for you when you pursue commercial product photography and you can skyrocket your business revenues by keeping in the mind mentioned tips.

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